Year CSR Events
2016 NUS CSC Grant A Wish
2016 Paint-A-Home with NUS CSC
2015 Raised funds for the Red Cross Home for the Severely Disabled
2015 Paint-A-Home at Geylang East Home for the Aged
2014 Voluntary Charity Work At Singapore Red Cross Society Family Link @ Lengkok Bahru
2014 Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)
2013 SGX’s Bull Charge 2013 Charity Run
2012-2013 Bench Design (Remembering National Stadium) supported by Urban Redevelopment Authority
2012 Viriya-Sunray Education Fund
2012 President’s Challenge Fundraiser 2012
2011 Club 100 North West Food Aid Fund
2011 Dover Park Hospice
2011 Selected Enterprise Providing Industry Insight & Consultation to David Caple and Associates, Australia, and Workplace Safety Health Institute
2010 – 2012 Total Defence Award & Meritorious Defence Partner Award (MDPA)
2010 – 2011 Fund-raising for Brother and Sister in Yishun
for Battery Transplant Operation
(Media sensitive – for internal assessment only)
2010 National University of Singapore – University Scholars’ Club Rag Event
2010 A G-to-G Missionary of Thailand delegate visit co-hosted by Sunray and MOM
2010 Educational Donation to ITE
2009 – 2010 Children’s Day for Singapore Spastic Association School
2009 Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund
Year Green Initiatives
2014 SFIC- 30 Life Stories on “Remembering Parks” in which we specially designed creative furniture items made from damaged tree logs from parks
2014 Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)
2013 Sunray’s new Headquarters and Factory at Sungei Kadut
2012 Implement Green Mark Certified in 9SK3 Development
2009 – Current Waste Management and Material Recycling kick-started from URA project – by reusing filing cabinets and chairs for all of its 14 site offices, as well as adopting innovative recycling ideas such as converting unused table into a drawing rack
2009 Integration of QEOHS Management System with EMS 14001 Implementation